Singles Ministry

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Please contact Jimmy Guvvala to find out more about the group.  We love the opportunity to share what God is doing in and through us.

Fuel | Fuse | Edge


Sundays 6:45-8:15PM | Saddlecreek Coffee Co

North of 40


Sundays 6:30-8:00PM | The Forum

Fuel | Fuse | Edge

Fuel | 18-24

North Ridge Community Church College-Age Ministry exists to help young adults deepen their relationship with Christ. We want to do this by providing opportunities for both worship and Bible study. We desire to see college age young people grow in their faith while building relationships with other believers whose impact will last far beyond their college years. Our college leadership team has a heart for young adults. We want to meet not only the spiritual needs of our students but also physical, emotional, and day to day needs as well. Most of all, we want to provide a solid foundation of scriptural truths, support and Godly encouragement for our students to stand on as they face the struggles and joys that college life brings.

Fuse | 25-29

Fuse is the weekly gathering of the single adults in their mid and late twenties. We’re dedicated to providing a place for single adults to connect with God, with others their age, and with older committed leaders that are dedicated to seeing singles grow closer to Christ. We exist to glorify God through fulfilling the Great Commandments (Matt. 22:37-40) and the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). As a passionate group of young singles in their mid and late twenties we hope to walk alongside others in their pursuit of Christ.  The focus of this group is the gospel of Jesus Christ. This ministry also provides singles with the foundation needed to live a successful Christian life. Check out the schedule below to learn more about this life group.

Edge | 30’s 

Single Adults Pastor, Jimmy Guvvala

2016-john-bible-studyIntroducing the Gospel of John

The most significant fact in history can be summed up in four words: Jesus Christ is God! The great declaration of the Bible is that God in human flesh was born in Bethlehem. It was God in the person of Jesus Christ who astonished the people of his day with his miracles and amazed them with his teaching. It was God who lived a perfect life and then allowed himself to be put to death on a Roman cross for humanity’s sins. It was God who three days after he died broke the bonds of death and came out of the grave alive. The deity of Jesus—the fact that he was God in human flesh—is the bottom line of the Christian faith.

Read more on the Gospel of John HERE.

Study starts June 5, 2016

John 1: The Master & Five Who Followed
John 2: Wine & a Whip
John 3: The New Birth
John 4: Soul & Body—Savings & Healing
John 5: Deity on Trial
John 6: Jesus, the Bread of Life
John 7:1-52: Confusion Over Christ
John 7:53—8:11: Caught in Adultery
John 8:12-59: Jesus, the Light of the World
John 9: A Blind Man Sees the Light
John 10: The Shepherd & His Sheep
John 11: Resurrection & Life
John 12: The King’s Last Acts
John 13:1-17: The Son as a Slave
John 13:18-38: The Betrayer & the Boaster
John 14: Comfort for a Troubled Heart
John 15:1-17: The Secret of Remaining
John 15:18—16:4: The Cost of Friendship with Jesus
John 16:5-33: Secrets of the Spirit
John 17: The Master’s Final Prayer
John 18:1-27: Jesus You’re Under Arrest!
John 18:28—19:16: Pilate on Trial
John 19:17-42: Obedient to Death
John 20: The Son Is Up!
John 21: A Walk with a Resurrected Man


North of 40

North of 40 Single Adults | 40+ 

Single Adults Pastor, Jimmy Guvvala

A ministry for unmarried adults in their 40’s & 50’s who want to live ‘the best of their life’ as they grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

We offer on going educational, social and outreach events and activities to provide a supportive Christian community where adult singles connect to form friendships and lasting relationships. Join us on Sundays @ 6:30pm in the FORUM for an engaging study.


6 | Kayaking @ Lake Pleasant  details TBD
7 | Changes that Heal by Henry Cloud (wk #1)
14 | Changes that Heal by Henry Cloud (wk#2)
19 | Dinner/ Movie @ Norterra  5:30 dinner movie TBD
21 | Elder Ministry Meet at NRCC (bring flowers for the ladies in the nursing home) – Sierra Point 5:30
28 | Changes that Heal by Henry Cloud (wk#3)


3 | Game night @ Wendy’s house 6pm
4 | Changes that Heal by Henry Cloud (wk#4)
11 | Harvest America Meet @ NRCC 2pm carpool
17 | Themed dinner @ Georjann’s  5:30pm
18 | Changes that Heal by Henry Cloud (wk#5)
25 | Unstuck by Francis Chan (wk#1)


1 | Andre House Ministry TBA
2 | Unstuck by Frrancis Chan (wk#2)
3 | Buffalo Chip Fireworks TBA
9 | Unstuck by Francis Chan (wk#3)
15 | Refugee Ministry 8:30am – 11am
16 | Unstuck by Francis Chan (wk#4)
22 | Lynx Lake Picnic TBA
23 | Unstuck by Francis Chan (wk#5)
30 | “Stuck Together” themed dinner


6 | Twisting the Truth by Andy Stanley (wk#1)
12 | Top Golf  6-8pm
13 | Twisting the Truth by Andy Stanley (wk#2)
20 | Twisting the Truth by Andy Stanley (wk#3)
27 | Twisting the Truth by Andy Stanley (wk#4)


3 | Twisting the Truth by Andy Stanley (wk#5)
10 | Twisting the Truth by Andy Stanley (wk#6)
17 | “Twisted” Themed dinner