04About Kate’s Cup

North Ridge Community Church Women’s Ministry

About 10 years ago two mothers sitting in a living room asked, “What do moms with young kids in our neighborhood need?” They began to gather a list of things they thought other young moms like themselves really needed. At the top of their list was “friends.” Other things on the list included:

  • “What are some fun things to do with the kids?”
  • “How can I deal with my husband working so much?”
  • “What should I look for in a doctor?”
  • “Does the Bible say anything about parenting?”

This is Kate’s Cup, a group of moms making new friends with others in the same stage of life, finding hope for difficult times, information to help daily living, and spiritual encouragement with other mothers.

Contact Kate′s Cup

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Kate’s Cup is a place for moms of young children to connect, relax, and grow in a fun and welcoming environment.  it is a time to get renewed by catching a glimpse into the heart of Jesus so that we are better able to love our family and those around us.  It is a supportive gathering place for moms to have their cups filled.

Kate’s Cup is for expectant mothers and moms with children birth through elementary school. (Birth – 6th grade).

  • 9:15 am: Childcare Drop off
  • 9:15 – 10 am:  Food, Fellowship, Fun
  • 10 – 10:45 am:  Speaker Presentation
  • 10:45 – 11:25 am:  Small Group Discussion Time
  • 11:25 am:  Closing Thoughts and Prayer
  • 11:30 am: Goodbyes and Children Pick-up

There is a $70 annual membership fee that helps to offset some of the costs of Kate’s Cup.  It is an additional $10 per child to help offset childcare costs.

A limited number of sponsored memberships are offered on a needed basis.  Donations toward sponsoring are accepted at any time, in any amount.  All sponsorship donations and recipients remain anonymous.

Online registration needs to be completed each year by all members and registration fees paid at that time.  Registration can be completed online at HERE by clicking any one of the many blue “register here” buttons on the Kate’s Cup pages.

The heart of Kate’s Cup is to build a community of women who walk alongside of and encourage one another.  The following opportunities are ways for members to make deeper connections and to have a fun and rewarding experience at Kate’s Cup.

This aspect of the KC community is the lifeblood of Kate’s Cup.  Fund raising through our special events enables us to keep our cost of membership low – roughly only 50% of our yearly costs are covered by membership fees.

Active participation in Kate’s Cup special events by all members of our community is vital to the success of KC.  The role of the Special Events Team may include anything from event planning, setup and decorations, to specific details of an event.  Special events occur throughout the year, such as Kate’s Closet, Garage Sale, and weekly set-up or monthly themes.

This team gets joy from cooking and providing food or meals for others.  You will be included on a sign up genius for taking meals to KC families for: new babies, unexpected illnesses, a surgery or tragedy, etc…on rare occasion, you may also be contacted when there is a shortage of brunch/buffet food for a Thursday KC morning meeting.  Food would be provided at your convenience.

This team helps support others by specifically praying for their needs and requests.

Greeters love to make other people feel welcomed and loved.  They arrive shortly before a Kate’s Cup meeting or event and welcome others as they arrive.  They also may assist fellow mothers in helping get children checked in to childcare.  Greeters are invited to take part in leadership meetings.  Joining the Greeter Team is a great first step in leadership.

The Small Group Leader is the heartbeat of Kate’s Cup.  She helps to create a welcoming atmosphere of fun, support, openness, love, and trust.  If you yearn for this in your life, then you will naturally help to create it at Kate’s Cup.  Small Group Leader’s MUST attend a Leadership Training held every other month, which is facilitated by the Kate’s Cup Committee and the Mentor Mom team.

Mentor Moms desire to lead younger moms deeper in their walk through transparent humility.  They seek to lead by example, and are mature in their faith.  With their children grown, they have the experience and desire to pass their wisdom on to newer moms.  Mentor Moms are selected through an application and interview process.  Ideally, there will be one mentor mom assigned to each table.