Childcare Kate’s Cup


NRCC and Kate’s Cup place great value on the safety and loving care of your children, so that you can enjoy your time every week without concern. Your attention and cooperation in working with NRCC childcare providers and KC is greatly appreciated. Please adhere to the following guidelines for the best experience for each child and the ability of the workers to properly watch over all the children under their care.

What do I need to know?

The security and safety of your children is of the utmost importance to us. Every child must have a name tag (label) at all times. The nametag information will include the child’s name, your name, your cell phone number, and your table number, as well as any needed allergy information. It is your responsibility to make sure this information is correct and current. The pick-up ticket for your child will be located in your child’s classroom when you drop off your child. You MUST present this claim ticket in order to pick up your child. Please keep your cell phone handy and available during meetings in case we need to reach you.

A very important part of the classroom experience is helping children learn how to get along in the world, enjoy being with other children, and follow the direction of an adult other than their parent. At NRCC, a caring and positive approach will be taken regarding behavior management and discipline, and will be done in the spirit of grace and not shame. read more

It is so helpful to have all sippy cups, diapers, water bottles, diaper bags, etc., labeled with your child’s name BEFORE you arrive to the classroom. If needed, there will be white labels and sharpies on the counters for your use to label your child’s items. Keep in mind that these labels don’t always peel off off easily. EVERYTHING left in the classroom for your child must be labeled!

Please apply any needed sunscreen to your children before arriving each week. Ages 2 and above go on the playground and there are spots where there is NO coverage from the sun.

Your child may not attend if they have any of the following…

  1. Fever greater than 100.4 within the last 24 hours before Kate’s Cup.
  2. Runny nose- if it’s clear that’s ok, but no GREEN or YELLOW! (YUCK!)
  3. Cough
  4. Undiagnosed rash
  5. Pink, irritated, or swollen eye, or discharge in eye
  6. Nausea, throwing up, or diarrhea within the last 24 hours of Kate’s Cup!

Please remember that if we keep sick kids home, we can keep other kids (and families) healthy!


All children are asked to bring their own labeled sippy cup or water bottle.


Please take children to the bathroom BEFORE you drop them off- try to get them to go one more time once you are on campus.


Please make sure you have fed your child breakfast BEFORE dropping them off, dressed them and changed their diaper. Drop off is the busiest time in the classroom and caregivers cannot be expected to do this during the first 20 minutes.


Please bring plenty of diapers and wipes for your child and a change of clothes if your child is in diapers or potty training.


The Kate’s Cup ministry must provide for their own snacks for registered children. With this in mind, we are asking Mom’s to bring in one 21oz or larger snack PER CHILD REGISTERED. For example, if you have one child registered, bring one box of Cheez-its or other approved snack, if you have 2 children registered bring 2 boxes, etc. Please bring your snack items during the first four meetings of Kate’s Cup- sometime during the month of September, and place them in the donation bin near the KC main entrance and Welcome Table. If everyone participates, hopefully this will be the only time we need to collect throughout the year!

We must keep in mind possible allergies of our children, their siblings, and/or parents. Please, no PEANUT or other nut products of ANY kind. For that reason, the following are the ONLY acceptable snack items that will be served to your children and asked for during our snack drive…

  • Cheez-its (any variety, but cheddar or white cheddar are the favorites)
  • Goldfish
  • Pretzels (sticks, or twists- NOT the thick ones from Costco)
  • Veggie Stix (they sell these in a large bag at Costco)


All caregivers are background checked and screened. The only exception to this policy is when KC Moms are asked to sub in the classrooms if we are short-handed. However, mom subs will always be with background checked caregivers and mom subs will not be allowed to change diapers or take children to the bathroom.

A bio of each childcare provider will be available and located in binders at the Resource table, near the Kate’s Cup Welcome Table. These bios are to let you know who is taking care of your children and so you can feel like you know them a little better. This is just a list of “get to know them” questions and will include things such as favorite candy, things they like to do, etc. We have both paid AND volunteer childcare workers, and you are encouraged to give them tokens of appreciation as the spirit leads you.

Childcare Subs

There are those mornings when our usual childcare providers are unable to be with us due to illness, family needs, travel, etc. We hope that this will not affect us, but we need to be prepared.  Therefore, each week we will have 2-3 tables “on-call”.  If we do not have enough workers, Kate’s Cup members and leaders from the ables, will fill in where needed. To keep any one person from giving up their entire Thursday morning, the small group leaders at each table will coordinate and rotate the table members so ladies will only have to serve for about 20 minutes. This is a great opportunity for all to serve and give back to Kate’s Cup. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this area.

Who can I contact if I have any Questions?

If you have appreciated something the child care providers have done for you or your child, TELL THEM!  Or feel free to use the comment cards provided at your table and we will get the message to them.  However, if you have questions, comments or concerns about your child, their classroom, their childcare provider, snack options, etc.,( please know that pickup and drop off times are busy and not the time to bring these up to the workers).  Instead please contact…

Kathy Daldrup, NRCC Childcare Director 480-515-4673

Childcare Room Assignments

In order to keep everything running smoothly and fair, these guidelines will be followed for everyone…  Children will be assigned to a classroom, and this will be their room assignment for the entire Kate’s Cup year. Exceptions may arise in the Nursery and Walkers rooms where due to the development of the child, we will ask you to move your child up to the next age level. If you feel your child is ready for the next age level, or if we feel your child is ready, we will talk to you first before deciding to move them up. All questions and concerns should be directed to Kim Alsobrooks, the NRCC Preschool & Childcare Coordinator, NOT your classroom care provider.

Room assignments will be based on the child’s age at the START of the Kate’s Cup year.

5 months – non-walkerCarefree Room This room is reserved for our tiniest members. All children must have a diaper bag, labeled bottles and food.
Walker – approx. 22 MonthsCave Creek Room Children MUST be walking to enter this room. All children must have a diaper bag with a change of clothes and a labeled sippy cup.
Young 2’s Cottonwood Room Children who are just about to turn 2 or have just turned 2 at the beginning of the KC year. All children must have a diaper bag with a change of clothes and a labeled sippy cup.
Older 2’s- Young 3’sYucca Room If your child is potty training, then please be sure to tell the workers as well as writing it next to their name on the attendance sheet when you check them into the room. All children must have a diaper bag with a change of clothes and a labeled sippy cup. This room does have a weekly lesson and possible age-appropriate craft.
3 -4 yearsCholla Room To enter this room, your child must be 3 years old AND FULLY (day) POTTY TRAINED. There is no changing table in this room, so there can not be diapers. This room DOES have a curriculum, and they use weekly lesson plans. Therefore, it is very important that they are of this age group so the activities, such as cutting and gluing, can be implemented. All children should bring their own labeled cup or water bottle.
Older 4 year olds and upMesquite Room