JHM Summer Camp | June 19-23

Have you ever felt like life can be a fight? You have all sorts of pressures with school, friends, family, and everything else; it can feel like we are in an arena.
This summer, we are going to talk about some good news. God wins. By looking at the life of Paul, we are going to see how God steps into every part of our lives and finds victory. He takes Paul, someone far from God, and uses him to impact the world. God wants to do the same thing in your life.
The question is –
Are you ready?
Cost: First 10 paying students : $350 | 11th – 55th student* cost is $375
*Late sign-ups $400

Camp Holidays

Color Day
Dress in your team’s color to show your spirit. This can be as simple as a colored shirt or as complex as painting your entire body blue (it’s been done before).
Ugly Tie Day
Find the ugliest tie you can and wear it proudly!
Super Hero Day
Who’s your favorite superhero?

Typical Day

morning session
quiet time | small group
color team competition
evening session
church groups
late night

New UCYC Dress Code/ What to bring

Modesty is the key here – we don’t want to see bras, bellies or behinds.
Girls: No spaghetti strap tank tops, tight shirts, bare midriffs, tight shorts or short-shorts. No two-piece swimsuits.
Guys: No saggy pants or exposed boxers.

It’s best to bring regular t-shirts and shorts that go to the mid-thigh, as well as closed toe shoes for outdoor activities.

All medication must be provided in original packaging with doctor/pharmacy directions in a Ziploc bag clearly labeled the Last Name, First Name, Church & Grade.  The UCYC
Nurse will keep all medications secured.

Please send money for 2 meals (on the way up & back) and if they would like any spending money at camp

Clothes for the week
Sleeping bag
Pillow | Towel
Toiletries | Flashlight
Bible | Notebook & Pencil

Cell phones, gaming systems, iPods
Any tobacco products,
alcohol, drugs &
Firearms or weapons of any kind
Pets or other animals