Student Ministry: Junior High & High School

HSM Winter Camp

January 12-15 | Lost Canyon

First 25 spots: $260 (26th spot and beyond: $285)

JHM Winter Camp

January 26 | Pine Summit, Prescott

$175 for the first 20, $200 after that, $225 late sign ups-week before camp.

Junior High

Grades 6-8

Sundays 9:00-10:00AM | The Forum

Tuesdays 6:30-8:00PM | The Forum*

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High School

Grades 9-12

Sundays 9:00-10:00AM | The Ridge Cafe

In the Fall Tuesdays 6:30-8:00PM | Saddlecreek*

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About Junior High Ministry: Grades 6-8

clundMeet Clark

My name is Clark Lund and I am the Director of Junior High Ministries here at North Ridge Community Church. My family and I would like to welcome you to our ministry and all the incredible things that God is doing within it.
Our ministry foundation is built on one simple philosophy…FAMILY. We are one ministry, one family and one body in Christ. Everything we do is Christ centered and we stress the fact that our priorities in life should be based on Faith, Family and Friends, in that order.
Here’s a quick profile on my background. I grew up in Lake Havasu, graduated from Northern Arizona University with a BS in Criminal Justice, served in the US Army in the Honor Guard, served as an EMT and Paramedic in multiple metropolitan cities throughout the United States, served as a police officer/detective for the City of Scottsdale and now I am honored to be able to serve your kids by teaching them the Word of God and how they can live their lives through Him.
Our adult leaders are as much a part of your kid’s spiritual walk as I am and are an amazing group of mentors. We are very blessed to have such a dedicated and caring group of leaders that are willing to give up their personal, family and work time to direct and encourage your kids to dive deeper into their faith.

  1. Reaching Up.

    We are constantly reaching up to our Lord…in our prayer, in our worship and everything we do in everyday life, the good and the bad…all should point toward Him.

  2. Reaching In.

    When one of our own has fallen and needs our help, we will be there…leader, student or family member.  We wouldn’t be a family if we didn’t show His love or the love we have for each other.

  3. Reaching Out.

    Service is one of the things we are called to do. Our junior high ministry leads a monthly service project that benefits widows and single moms within our church as well as the surrounding community.  This not only effects change in our neighborhoods but also in the view our kids have on the world.

About Ignite High School Ministry: Grades 9-12

Meet Spencer

My name is Spencer Burnidge, and I’m the High School Director here at North Ridge Community Church. I’ve grown up here at NRCC and been a leader in Student Ministry for years. As I prepare to graduate from Phoenix Seminary, I am excited to take on this new role.  I have also recently become engaged to Jordan Mathews and I can’t wait to get married in 2018!


The word ignite means “to set on fire; to kindle a new beginning; to stir up beyond expectations.” Our vision for the high school ministry is simple:

To ignite God’s hope through the Valley by making and multiplying disciples.

In order to accomplish our vision, we have three main ministry environments through which we try to move students on a weekly basis. First, we want to INVITE students to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Second, we want to INVEST in the things that matter to God. Third, we want to INFLUENCE our schools, communities, and world with the good news of the Gospel.

Our last movement step within our ministry strategy involves INFLUENCING our schools, communities, and world with the good news of the Gospel. We try to accomplish this in four ways.
  • First, we offer several service projects throughout the year to help our community.
  • Second, we encourage school evangelism through the teams and clubs in which our students are already a part of.
  • Third, we take yearly mission trips to share the Gospel with people outside our local context.
  • Finally, we offer leadership training to upperclassmen to help prepare them for the next level. We meet twice a month (Aug-April), bring in world renowned guest speakers, and give students the opportunity to lead various events and activities throughout the year. Leadership Applications Located Here