All In: What’s Holding You Back? (Week 2)

My intention was to be helpful. Now I’m standing at the top of 30-foot cliff with the ocean below.  Fortunately, I can see into the water and I am confident there are no sharks. Several people are swimming below, so the water must be safe from predators. Others have jumped off the cliff into the water, I’ve watched them. However, none of them was nearly as large as me. Will I go deeper than them?  If I do, will I make it back up?  There is only one way to find out; jump – All In. At that point I can’t “kind of” jump. It’s all in or not in.

We’ve been using this analogy to describe our sermon series All In.  We have looked at the lives of Paul and Barnabas to get hints of what it means to be All In. This Sunday we will look at the life of Peter, and we’ll learn that even Peter struggled with being All In. Each of these men faced obstacles they needed to conquer if they were going to be the person Christ had designed them to be. God has so much for you to experience. Some of the obstacles keeping you from experiencing God’s full plan for your life may not be obvious. I hope you’ll make it Sunday so we can discover how to live All In for Christ.

All In For Jesus,

Pastor Dan