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community-church-outreachGuadalajara Mission Trip

Want to find out more about our upcoming annual mission trip to Guadalajara? Contact Mary Burnidge or Jerry Bowman – or stop by the missions table in the courtyard on any Sunday. Won’t you join us for this life changing experience – you’ll be glad you did! (Minimum age 16)

If you would like to support any of ‘Hilario’s kids’ on an ongoing basis, you can do so through Partners In Action (PIA). This nonprofit organization that does great things for our friends in Guadalajara.

Online donations can be made via Partners In Action.

p1epo6EH1Mission Mission Trip

1Mission is  a community development organization, giving people living in poverty the opportunity to earn a house by serving in their community. They also respect families and communities as active participants in their own development, not passive recipients.  1mission strives to train, equip and empower local residents, leaders, pastors, and organizations to lift each other out of physical, spiritual and emotional poverty.  The leaders of 1MISSION are Christ followers. The overall vision and mission are driven by their commitment to modeling Jesus’ passion for serving the poor. Most of all, they serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

Since its inception 1Mission has built 374 house, 8,943 Trip participants, and 60, 326 hours served.

  • Dates: stay tuned for our next trip!
  • Trip Expense: $320 Adults, $150 Teens, $45 Kids  (Includes Food, Accommodation, Medical Insurance & T shirt)/ paid in Full.
  • Participants Packets available at the Missions Table/Courtyard.
  • Must provide own transportation possibility of carpooling depending on the number of participants.
  • More Information: Visit

Partners In Action

North Ridge Community Church Outreach

If you would like to better understand what happens with Pastor Hilario’s ministry in Guadalajara, learn more about what it is like to take a mission trip to his Fundacion Emmanuel, or make a one time or monthly donation online by credit card, please visit our Partners In Action website.

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North Ridge Community Church World Missions

From the shores of Spain, deep into the heart of Africa, throughout exotic Asia, to the jungles of South America, and right here in our own backyard, God’s Word is being proclaimed! Families are being healed. Lives are being changed and the Good News of God’s love is being shared with all peoples and nations.

Journey with us as we join our missionaries, each in the field where God has drawn them and learn what He is doing in the lives of the peoples to whom they minister. Join the adventure and discover how you, the people of North Ridge, are touching the lives of people throughout the world!

Who Are Our North Ridge Representatives Serving In This Exciting Capacity?

Kevin & Debbie Ludwig

Papua New Guinea

2018 Spring Newsletter

Kevin is a medical doctor serving a broad audience in Papua New Guinea. The clinic he administers serves about 1,000 men, women, and children associated with NTM in Papua New Guinea, as well as several other mission agencies.

Kevin’s Bio

I am Kevin Ludwig. My wife is Debbie and we have 5 kids: Brent, Nathan, Andrea, Paige, and Cameron.  I was saved as a child of about 7 years, but it wasn’t until I was 21 that I committed my life to God through a medical problem involving my Dad. I am a Family Practice doctor and finished my training in 1985.

At that time, we became very active in various missions programs through our home church, Scottsdale Bible Church. The Lord taught us many things during those years, allowing us to be better prepared and more mature when He finally called us to the mission field. In 1991, the Lord opened the door for us to come to Papua New Guinea, and it took us 3 years to sell my practice and our house and handle all the other preparations for us to come. When the opportunity came up to come to PNG, it was a thrill to us both as we had dreamed and planned for this our whole lives.

Kevin’s Job

When New Tribes Mission first asked me to come to PNG, NTM had never before had a doctor stationed abroad, but the medical conditions in PNG had deteriorated so drastically that the medical facilities were virtually unusable. When I arrived in PNG in 1994, the medical clinic consisted of a single 3′ x 2′ cupboard. Often with minimal staffing, we were able to slowly obtain equipment and supplies and now we have a 1,000 square foot clinic/urgent care center, which provides an array of medical services to NTM’s missionaries throughout the country (there are about 1,000 men, women and children associated with NTM in PNG).

We also provide medical care for a number of other Christian missions (SIL, MAF, Baptist, Swiss Mission, CRMF, and several others) , as well as a great number of local villagers at highly discounted rates.

We provide comprehensive care, routine check-ups, routine general adult medical care, pediatric, emergency, gynecology and obstetrical services. We have a small pharmacy, which provides highly discounted medications to our patients. I also consult over the radio to help the missionaries that are running village clinics for their tribe. I can also help them to treat their own families in the bush when it is not something serious. If it is serious, then I fly in or they fly out to me to obtain medical care.

I am the only doctor for NTM in PNG and I oversee the running of all aspects of the clinic. We currently have a staff of 2 full-time nurses and 2 part-time nurses, along with 2 part-time front office workers and one part-time physical therapist.

Debbie’s Bio

I was saved in young life during high school. Having a husband who has to leave on emergencies at a moments notice for days at a time and 5 children, makes it difficult to be involved in any type of ministry where people depend on me to do a specific task. I find I need to just be available at home to take care of the kids and things while Kevin does his job. He works lots of strange and long hours. If I were to be committed to a specific ministry, I think it would be more unsettling for our children and upset people when I can’t do “my job” because Kevin is called away unexpectedly. The children already need to deal with coming home from playing and be told, “Oh by the way your dad just left for Australia for 3 days or Dad can’t go to your birthday party because he just got called away.”

The life of a doctor isn’t always easy, and I just need to be here for my family at this season of our lives. I do however practice lots of hospitality. Living here on the support center for NTM (New Tribes Mission) PNG (Papua New Guinea) allows lots of opportunities to be of service to visitors to PNG and missionaries out from the bush on a break. Also we are the first to know of a family coming out for a medical emergency. With no 7/11’s or McDonald’s there are lots of opportunities to be of service to folks arriving here unexpectedly. We have had entire families stay with us many times when there was not room in the guest house or Kevin wanted to keep a closer eye on the patient. I also home school my children and have been a source for advice to our bush moms, many of whom home school. I have been home schooling for 11 years now and have lots of resources and advice that moms come and have a talk or look at my curriculum etc. Not a formal ministry now in this stage of my life, but I feel the Lord is using me as an encouragement to visitors to Lapilo and to young moms and home schooling moms.

I have also used my dietitian skills and knowledge to help Kevin in the clinic and have taught in the school some. I teach Sunday School and assist in various committees and organizing functions when asked to do so. We have relationships with our National friends across the road and members of our NTM Fellowship of Bible Churches.



August 2017 Update

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August 2016

Dear friends at North Ridge Community Church, My brother, Dave, and I are making preparations to head for Brazil – not for the Olympics, but to teach at a Missionary Training Center in Northeast Brazil. We have taught at this particular Missionary Training Center every year for the past seven years.

Typically the trainees are young adults, 20-35 years old. Usually about one third of them are married and those couples often have small children. The others are single and some of them engaged to be married.

Each year we are impressed with the high quality of these Brazilian brothers and sisters: dedicated to Christ, committed to The Great Commission of taking the gospel to every people group on earth, many are college-educated professionals in areas of medicine, business, education, IT, etc. Many of them are going to “closed countries” where they will use their professions to obtain a visa to live in that country.

This year we will be teaching 15+ Brazilians who are preparing to become full-time, long-term missionaries to various places around the world. We are looking forward to interacting with them in class and outside of class. Dave and I always stay on campus (usually sleeping on mattresses in one of the classrooms). We do this because we want to be there on-site with the trainees 24-7 to spend time with them outside of class, over meals, etc.

Thank you for your prayers:

  • That our training will equip them for more effective ministry for the Kingdom.
  • That we will be able to encourage them on a personal and spiritual level.
  • That the Lord will keep them safe as they go to difficult and dangerous mission fields around the world (many are being sent to the Muslim world).
  • That our printed materials will be translated well into Portuguese.
  • That our in-class translators will be clear and effective.
  • That the Lord will keep Dave and me healthy and strong during a rigorous schedule so that we can deliver the training completely.
  • That the Lord will protect them and us from illness (including Zika, Dengue Fever, Malaria, GI problems, etc).

Thank you for your partnership in this work of training national missionaries for The Great Commission.

For Christ’s glory among all people groups, Walt Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all the nations” Matthew 28:19

June 2016

Dear friends at North Ridge Community Church,

I had a great time teaching a group of missionary trainees in Singapore.  It was fascinating having students from seven different Asian language groups in the same classroom.

One of the trainees – Koo Teep – is a man in his forties from a country in Southeast Asia.  He and his wife have four children.  He has been a pastor for several years, and now he and his family are being sent out from their own culture group to a different language group in Asia.  They are going to a Buddhist Unreached People Group which is considered to be “resistant” to the gospel.

Koo Teep and his wife know that it will not be easy to leave their extended family and live cross-culturally among this Buddhist people group.  They know that harsh difficulties await them and their children – spiritual warfare, religious resistance, relational loneliness, as well as physical hardships.  Yet they are hopeful as they anticipate being a light for Christ in a very dark place.

Thank you for your prayers for our brother, Koo Teep, and his family:

  •   Please pray that the Lord would use them greatly as they seek to reach this gospel-deprived People Group.
  •   Please pray that they would continue to trust God as they walk through hardships for the sake of Christ.
  •   Please pray that the Lord would use the training that Koo Teep is receiving at the training center in Singapore to increase his effectiveness in Kingdom service.

Thank you for your prayers for me – I was so grateful to be able to teach these brothers in Christ.  Without your prayers, it would not have been possible.

I thank the Lord for your partnership with me in training national missionaries for The Great Commission.

For Christ’s glory among the nations,


“Go and make disciples of all the nations”   Matthew 28:19

Dear friends,

Thank you for your prayers as I head for Singapore next week and do training there until April 30.  I always look forward to my training assignments at the missionary training center in Singapore – for several reasons:

The missionary trainees come from about 20 countries to train for long-term cross-cultural ministry.

Most of the trainees will be sent to Unreached People Groups throughout Asia and the Middle East.

The trainees are high quality in every way:

  • committed to Christ;
  • committed to The Great Commission of taking the gospel to every people group on earth;
  • committed as individuals and families to paying whatever the cost in order to serve the Lord’s global purposes;
  • committed to rigorous training in order to become as effective as possible for God’s kingdom.

Thank you for praying for me.

Thank you for praying for them.

Yours for Christ’s glory among the nations,


Walt is serving as a professor/trainer at a seminary and missionary training center. called “Biblical Graduate School of Theology” (BGST).

Dear friends at North Ridge Community Church,

For the last eight years I have been spending the month of August training missionaries in Brazil.  I am excited as I am right now packing and making final preparations to go to a missionary training center there.  I believe the Lord is strategically raising up Brazilian missionaries who are being sent out as long-term cross-cultural church planters to some of the most gospel-needy places on the globe.

My brother, Dave, is joining me for which we thank the Lord.  He always makes an significant contribution as he team teaches with me.  The trainees are always interested to learn about his time as a missionary in Russia (one-year) as well as short-term (three-month) assignments in Thailand and Indonesia.  Dave’s upper back is still a limitation and source of pain, but he is highly motivated to go so that he can participate in the teaching.

In addition to doing training at the missionary training center, we will be teaching a seminar on “Reaching Out to Muslims” – which is being publicized city-wide.  It is designed not only for believers who are going overseas as missionaries, but for believers to reach out to the Muslims in the cities of Brazil (of which there are many).

Thank you for your prayers…

  • That the Lord would prepare these Brazilian brothers and sisters for effective ministry among Unreached People Groups of Asia and Africa.
  • That the Lord would guide and enable Dave and me as we seek to equip these Brazilian trainees.
  • That we can encourage these believers on a personal and spiritual level as well as a ministry-skills level.
  • That the Lord would provide excellent translators for us in the classroom.
  • That the Lord would keep the Muslim seminar from disruption by radicals.
  • That the Lord would keep us healthy and strong so that we can deliver the training that we are going there to give.
  • That the Lord would protect Dave’s back from set-back, injury and pain.

You are partners with us through your prayers in this strategic Great Commission work.

Yours for Christ’s glory among the nations,

Walt (and Dave)

“Jesus said, ‘Go and make disiciples of all the nations…’”  Matthew 28:19    

June 9, 2015

Dear friends at North Ridge Community Church,

Later this summer my brother, Dave, and I will be teaching at a missionary training center in Brazil.  In addition to the courses we will be teaching, they have asked us to do a seminar on Muslim ministry.  The training center leaders said that they have missionary candidates who are being sent to the Muslim world who want the training.  They also explained that Muslims are moving into Brazil in large numbers.  In fact, in the city where the missionary training center is located, a large Islamic Center is being built with huge amounts of Persian Gulf oil money.  Thank you for praying for us as we prepare this Muslim ministry training material.

We are also thinking through security issues for the seminar.  Since the seminar is being publicized city-wide, there is the possibility that Muslim radicals will show up and try to disrupt the seminar.  So, we are concerned for the safety of all who will be attending our seminar.  Thank you for your prayers in this regard as well.

(As you may have heard, recently two Muslim radicals came to an Islam-focused meeting in Dallas, Texas.  They came with assault rifles to kill as many people as possible.  Fortunately, security officers shot them dead before they could enter the building.)

I thank the Lord for your partnership in training national missionaries around the world.

Your partner for Christ’s glory among the nations,


March 5, 2015

Dear friends at North Ridge Community Church,

Greetings from Singapore. I am here training a group of Asian believers who are preparing to be cross-cultural missionaries among various Unreached People Groups of Asia.

Among my trainees are some Indonesian men from three different people groups of Indonesia (Madurese; Javanese; Batak). It is fun to speak Indonesian together outside of class.

In one conversation, Bobi, the Batak man, commented to me, “I have a feeling of closeness with American Christians because I have American blood running through my veins.” A bit surprised to hear this, I asked him what he meant. He said that when the first two missionaries came to the Batak people in the mid-1800s, his Batak ancestors (who were cannibals) killed and ate them. These two missionaries were from the US, hence Bobi has “American blood running through his veins – physically!”

“Here is the rest of the story”:

After those two missionaries – Samuel Munson and Henry Lyman – were martyred, more missionaries were sent to the Batak. The Batak tribal leaders hesitated to kill these new missionaries because they were so surprised that other foreigners would come to them fully knowing that they would probably be killed too.

The Batak leaders reasoned that these foreigners must have something very important to tell them that they would risk their lives for it. So, they listened to these new missionaries intently. God moved in the hearts of the Batak leaders to respond positively to the gospel and place saving faith in Christ. Within the next few years there was a widespread turning to Christ among the five million Batak. It is what we call a “people movement to Christ.”

As I listened to Bobi relate to me this historical account, I wondered if those first two missionaries had any idea how the Lord was going to work among the Batak and how He was going to use their deaths to prepare millions of people to receive salvation in Christ? Praise God who does beyond what we can think or imagine.

“Now you know the rest of the story.”

For Christ’s glory among the nations, Walt

November 4, 2014

November Update from Walt

Dear friends at North Ridge Community Church,

I just finished a training assignment in Singapore where I had ten trainees from several Asian countries. I enjoyed spending time with them individually outside of class, getting to know each of them.

One of the students, Masok, is from the Philippines. He is from a tribe that lives on one of the remote, outlying islands of the Philippines, far from the developed regions of the country. Masok is 27 years old. Three years from now he will become the Tribal Chieftain over his tribe of 200,000 people. His aging father, who is now Chief, will step down and give this strategic position to his son. Masok shared with me that his vision for ministry is to reach the other 190 Tribal Chieftains in the neighboring islands for Christ. He explained to me that when he becomes the Tribal Chieftain, it will give him the unique platform to relate to the other Chiefs and share Christ with them. He told me that in that culture, the only people who can approach a Tribal Chief with religious matters are those who have the same tribal status – that of also being a Tribal Chieftain. Masok said that oftentimes the whole tribe will follow the Chief in the religious decisions that he makes. In many cases, if the Tribal Chieftain decides to believe in Christ, the whole tribe will embrace Christianity. At that point, other Christian resource people are brought to the island to help set up churches and train church leaders in that tribe.

This is the reason that Masok is getting training in missions and cross-cultural ministry now. He wants to get prepared and be ready to reach out to these other Tribal Chieftains after he takes the mantle from his father three years from now. He told me that most of the 190 other Tribal Chiefs are animistic (spirit-worshipers), but that he wants to reach them for Christ before other religions move in – Islam, Roman Catholicism, etc.

Please pray for Masok as he prepares for effective ministry. Also, please pray that the Lord would prepare the hearts of the 190 Tribal Chieftains – that they would turn to Christ and lead their tribes to do the same.

Thank you for your partnership with me in training national missionaries.

For Christ’s glory among the nations, including the remote islands of the Philippines,


September 13, 2014

092014-walt-01Dear friends at North Ridge Community Church,

My brother, Dave, and I are back from Brazil.  I know that I have said this before, but it was one of the best training times ever.

We had fifteen missionary trainees (see attached photos).  These Brazilian brothers and sisters are all deeply committed to Christ and to The Great Commission of “making disciples of all the nations.”

One couple – “T and D” – are preparing to go as long-term missionaries to an Arabic-speaking country in the Middle East.  They are in their late twenties, university graduates, and have been working in professional careers for a few years.  They sensed the Lord leading them to be missionaries to the Islamic world, and their home church confirmed this.  They will finish their two-year training program at the end of this year and will be sent by their home church next year to the Middle East.

092014-walt-02Dave and I spent a lot of time with them outside of class – over meals and in the evenings.  Because both of them speak English, we were able to communicate very well.  As you can imagine, they had a lot of questions about Muslim ministry.  Dave has had extensive ministry to Muslims in Indonesia and Russia (as well as in the US).  As you know, Muslim ministry has been a focus of my overseas work during these last twenty-five years.  So, we had a lot to talk about with  T and D.

What an inspiration  T and D  are – followers of Christ, following Christ to the Muslim world.

The other thirteen trainees each have their stories and vision for missions ministry.  Please pray for them as well.

Thank you for your prayers for Dave and me.  I thank the Lord for your partnership with us in training national missionaries for The Great Commission.

Yours for Christ’s glory among the nations,

Walt  (and Dave)

Gary & Paty Jones

Dominican Republic

Gary and Paty Jones are serving in the Dominican Republic with Catalyst International. Catalysts serve in many areas of the world to positively influence places of work, partner with socially sensitive business start-ups, strengthen schools and centers of higher learning, serve to heal the sick, train health care providers and assist in other areas of community development.

Hilario Guzman


Hilario is serving the poor, orphaned and children of prisoners in Guadalajara, Mexico. You can sponsor children on a monthly basis through Partner’s In Action (PIA). More info available here.

Jason & Emily Beck

New Castle, Australia

YWAM Newcastle, Youth with a Mission, is an Australian centre known for development of emerging leaders, persistent pursuit of people and passionate worship. They reach young people through sub-cultures like music, dance, skate etc. Emily has been leading the dance ministry for years and Jason has been involved in several teams but most recently started the Scoot Team (razor trick scooters) in April of 2010. Both Jason & Emily lead Worship for Youth Street & YWAM Newcastle as well as develop music & drama ministry for Youth Street and High Schools. (Get updated on baby Ollie)