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Our Mercy Menu

Just like a great restaurant offers multiple options on its menu, we want to offer a variety of venues where you can serve the least, the last and the lost.  For many of you extending mercy is outside your comfort zone so we want to help. Some of you will likely do your annual Mission of Mercy with your existing life group (like a field trip!) but for those not in a life group, you can sign up individually. Below is a list of some (not all) of the mercy ministries we have vetted as well as the name of a knowledgeable North Ridger who heads up that ministry and can provide more info. Group leaders will use the links below to list the volunteers and log the services that were provided.

ABC Families Foster/Adopt Ministry

The mission of Action on Behalf of Children (ABC) at North Ridge Community Church is to be a prayer/support group committed to fulfilling God’s mandate in James 1:27 to care for orphans, including the support of foster, adoptive, kinship, and birth parent families.  For more information, click HERE.

Gail Huntsman 480-458-8592
ABC Co-Director
Carol Barger 602-390-0220
ABC Co-Director

This ministry (which is associated with Catholic Charities) is located at the corner of 11th Ave and Jackson St. in downtown Phoenix. Andre’ House serves the homeless and poor in numerous ways. One or two evenings a month (usually Tuesday or Thursday) a North Ridge team prepares and serves dinner to about 500 men and women.  Estimated time commitment is about 5 hours. For more information on how you can serve contact Roger Stevenson.

Do you want to make a difference? Put your faith in action – the Foothills Caring Corps needs your help!

All of our services to seniors and adults with disabling conditions are provided by volunteers. We are especially in need of volunteers to drive our Neighbors to doctor’s appointments. You can use your own car and many of these appointments are close by.

You can make a difference – please join us!

Grace & Mercy Homeless Ministries

This ministry literally operates on the streets in downtown Phoenix and provides prepared meals, clothing and support to about 2,000 homeless people each month. Grace and Mercy serves in several ways:

Serving meals to the homeless in downtown Phoenix:
Tuesdays through Fridays, and the 1st Saturday of each month @ 7:30-9am
St Vincent de Paul 1075 W. Jackson Phoenix, AZ 85007

Providing clothing and serving meals to Phoenix homeless population :
1st Saturday, every other month (starting in February), 8-10am
St Vincent de Paul 1075 W. Jackson Phoenix, AZ 85007

To see the schedule and sign up to serve – click the link below. For more information contact Kevin Winbush.

Refugee Ministry

September thru May 2018 | Meeting 2nd Saturday | 11am-1pm

This ministry serves the large and mostly hidden refugee population near Camelback and I-17.  At least once a month, North Ridgers will host a block party at a refugee apartment complex to provide meals, gently used clothing and  the love found in God’s Son and God’s Word. Estimated time commitment is about 3-6 hours. For more information on how you can serve contact Mary Burnidge.

This is a ministry to children with life-­threatening medical conditions as well as  their families. HopeKids offers dozens of ongoing events and activities to bring hope to those going through dark days. North Ridge volunteers have primarily been involved in serving and supporting two of their large scale events per year: (1) A couple’s banquet; and (2) An all  day picnic at Bumblebee Ranch. Estimated time commitment is about 3-6 hours. For more information on how you can serve at the banquet contact Kathy Daldrup, to serve at Bumblebee Ranch contact Jon Kragel.

1Mission : Construction Mexico Mission Trip (adults & students)

This is a ministry to provide housing to impoverished families in the Puerto Penasco area of Mexico. About 2-4 weekends a year a team of North Ridgers cross the border into Mexico to build a house for a poor family in the name of Jesus. Volunteers labor alongside (face to face) the family whose home is being built during the 3 day weekend. Estimated time commitment is about 3 days and passports are required. For more information on how you can serve contact Jimmy Guvvala.

HSM : Mission Trips (high school students & leaders)

In state and Mexican Mission trips planned for High School Students. For more information on how you can serve contact Jon Kragel.

Project 127: Widows Ministry

In James 1:27 we are told that “true religion is taking care of orphans and widows in their distress”. We are launching a ministry here at North Ridge Community Church called Project 1:27 that will do just that.
Our 1:27 teammates are a group of compassionate men and women who are willing to share their time, talent, skills and efforts in highly practical ways. Contact Betty with questions.

This is a ministry to the homeless and poor and operates out of Bible Baptist Church (2320 N 7th St – South of Virginia, North of Oak on west side). On the last Saturday of every month  from 10am-1pm a team of folks from North Ridge have face to face interactions as they provide clothing, food, and God’s Good News to about 60 homeless men.  On a normal night, our team sets up a small clothing center and provides hot meals to those who are going through tough times. Estimated time commitment is about 4 hours. For more information on how you can serve contact Tom Murray or Scott Hile.

God doesn’t just manifest mercy, He mandates it for all people and churches who claim to follow Him. In Luke 6:36 Jesus gave this order:   “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful!”  Mercy isn’t just a job it’s our job!

God is calling North Ridge to step up and make each year better when it comes to expressing compassion and kindness to those who need it most. While our main goal last year was to grow in gratitude, our main goal this year is to “maximize mercy”!  Through God’s power we intend to make a seismic impact on our community by having our whole church family participate in a program called “GRAND-SLAM” which is code for “Showing Love And  Mercy”.

Our two big goals will be to: (1) Dispatch an army of 1000 face to face “mercy-naries” to offer a cup of cold water in the name of Christ to the least, the last and the lost; and (2) Provide face to face acts of grace to up to 16,000 vulnerable people within our community. This will be the biggest and most challenging ministry initiative in our church’s history. It is so big and so important, that without God’s power and your participation, it won’t happen. We will need each of you to become a “Mercy-nary” by participating in at least one Mission of Mercy this year

This past year we have gone above and beyond in showing Grace and Mercy to our community! These are just a few of the projects we participated in: