Becoming a member of North Ridge Community Church is specifically for those who:

  1. Have made a personal decision to receive Christ as their Savior, and
  2. Desire the formal connection to North Ridge as their local church.

Many “non-members” attend North Ridge on a weekly basis, and they are still considered an important part of the North Ridge family.

So what’s the purpose of becoming a member?

  1. Members can participate in the all-congregational votes. These votes occur at least once a year, more if needed.
  2. Becoming a member provides a sense of connection to the church.
  3. Some volunteer positions require a person to be a member.
  4. No single event at North Ridge can help a person understand better this church’s vision, history and purpose of existence.

How does one become a member?

The two hour membership class is offered two or three times per year. It’s broken up into three basic sections:

  1. A time to meet everyone and hear their stories on how they found North Ridge.
  2. One of the pastors will provide detailed information about our history, vision, purpose and your personal responsibilities as an official member.
  3. A short discussion style interview with a church leader to determine if the candidate indeed has a personal relationship with Christ and is willing to represent North Ridge as an official member.