Wag More, Bark Less (Week 2)

It’s so easy to get distracted these days. Between email, Facebook, Instagram, kids, TV, and of course our jobs, life is busy. So many things to get our eyes off of the greatness of God. So many things that fill my mind with worry and fear and it’s in those moments that my grateful heart can trend towards the ungrateful. Why is fear and anxiety so distracting? Why can’t I keep my eyes on the Lord in the midst of the trials of my life? I know for me, fear jades my view of God and the world around me. I worry more than I appreciate at times. This Sunday we take a look at the greatness of God, His past faithfulness in our lives and our chance to respond to it all with a heart of gratitude no matter what life is throwing at us. We all know life is always going to be coming at us, but we have a big God who is walking this road with us. We would love to see you this Sunday as we dive into 2 Chronicles 20 and get a chance to ask ourselves “How Big is our God?”

Hope to see you Sunday,

Pastor Kevin
Campus Pastor
SBC – North Ridge